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A new revolutionary hyaluronic acid system

- consists of 100% pure, crosslinked undiluted hyaluronic acid
• In aesthetic medicine the application of a cross linked HA is, preferably, done with the maximum of comfort for the recipient. The higher the concentration of the finished product the more visco-elastic the product gets and therefore needs thicker introduction needles causing more pain at distribution.
• By the classical manufacturing the cosslinked HA has to be suspended again in the non-cross-linked HA which disappears within few days after injection.
• This was necessarily to ensure the injectability of crosslinked HA.

Visalink® the all - encompassing technology

• Visalink® is the only technique in the world that ensures the complete cross-linking of hyaluronan without dilution to produce a highly elastic materials.
• The result is an extremely pure filler material free from reaction products, thus keeping side effects to a minimum.
• Visalink® technology produce excellent viscoelastic properties which enable administration with the 29G needle.

The main features at a glance

• VISAGEL® consists of 100% pure, crosslinked undiluted hyaluronan thanks to new Visalink® technology
• VISAGEL® is manufactured biosynthetically, is very well tolerated and does not therefore require any allergy tests
• VISAGEL® is optimally stabilised and has outstanding viscoelastic properties
• VISAGEL® is the purest, highest quality hyaluronan product there is
• VISAGEL® produces natural and considerably longer lasting results
• VISAGEL® cotains 2 ready-to-use syringes (per unit) each with 1.0ml pure hyaluronan
• VISAGEL® is particularly good value for money thanks to its exceptional price-performance ratio
• VISAGEL® is a CE-certified medical product

Visagel® can be injected

• into the mid or deep dermis
• by linear withdrawal technique (tunnel- or criss-cross-technique)
• or by a combination of these techniques

Visagel® guaranteeing

• a sterility assurance level ≤ 10-6
• a biocompatibility that meets the requirements of international standard ISO 10993-1

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