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SRS Roller


SRS ROLLER is intended to stimulate the skin and improve the absorption rate of the active ingredients. It is used for one of the following problems:
- Scars
- Cellulite
- Wrinkles
- Aged skin
- Acne scars
- Large pores
- Hyper-pigmentation

This version is designed to punch holes in the stratum corneum, the outer layer of the epidermis. The roller is designed to puncture this layer not deeper than that. So there is no danger of a significantly enhanced penetration into the lower dermis and the bloodstream.

The needle-tips are so fine. They hardly can be seen with bare eye, and only penetrate the epidermis and cannot reach the dermis. The infiltration channels are closed in less than one hour after the treatment.

Warnings to Professional users

• Unseal the product just before treatment and make sure that the device does not touch other objects (to avoid its infection).
• Examine the patient's skin before treatment. The product can provoke severe side effects if not used by a skin Professional.
• Do not use the product if the date of validity has expired (it might cause infections).
• Habilitated physicians who are able to judge if the treatment fits the physical and skin condition of the patient should use the product. They must be able to decide of the use of an anaesthetic cream and to choose the appropriate product in combination with SRS ROLLER treatment.
• Clinical use SRS ROLLER is sold exclusively for a medical Professional use (its public general sales is prohibited). SRS ROLLER is a device for single use and should be then disposed in its exclusive cap.

Warnings for non-professional users

• Do not exert a too strong pressure when using the SRS ROLLER.
• Avoid its contact with the lips and eye contour (mainly the eyelids) given that the skin if thinner in these particular areas.
• Do not use the product on children or animals.
• In case of rushes, allergic reactions or any other undesirable effect, stop using the product immediately.
• Be sure to check the sealing, damage or term of validity of the product before use.

Key Points

• Extremely high absorption of any type of chemical substance
• Collagen induction through controlled mechanical stimulation of the dermis
• It can be done on thin skin, face, neck and body
• Realignment of old collagen bundels
• Complete preservation of the epidermis during the procedure
• No permanent damage to the skin
• Enhances Iontophoresis and Sonophoresis treatments
• Can be used to boost the effects after a Medical Collagen Induction Therapy
• This type of needling can be done on people who have had laser resurfacing
• Can be used on areas of the skin where laser resurfacing can not reach
• Only 24-48 hours healing period completed next day and patient can go into public
• Only 3-5 days protection from ultraviolet light.

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