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reports on eCO2 GEL from Japan


Carbon dioxide increases about the amount of oxygen absorption of a cell.

It is not well-known that carbon dioxide has an important activity not only breathing but work important for a cell in fact. When strucure activity inside the body is prosperous, a lot of carbon dioxide is produced to consume much oxygen. When the density of this carbon dioxide gets high, the body thinks that the structure activity is prosperous, trys getting much oxygen into. On the contrary, when the density of carbon dioxide is low, the body thinks that it desn't need so much oxygen.

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eCO2 GEL MASK increases the amount of a molecular carbon dioxide. Thanks to our improved DDS (Drug Delivery System) technology. it leads to an ideal skin condition, balancing the moisture and oil of your skin after appyinf the pack


New technology of eCO2 GEL .EX

A packing gel consisting of two components to be mixed.
eCO2GEL .EX delivers CO2 through skin rapidly and efficiently.


Face Slimming, Deep Moisturization, Antiaging Care : eCO2GEL
If you have ever tried our eCO2GEL packing agent, you must have been amazed by its skin texture refining, whitening, brightening, and lift-up effects. Our newest technology aims to strengthen the superior performance of eCO2GEL with deep moisturization and face slimming effects.

Deep Moisturization
As it is well known, a typical skin care regimen includes the basic step of supplying water and retaining moisture in the skin. Supplying moisture to skin is absolutely essential. In addition, retaining the moisture in the stratum corneum is indispensable, especially in dry seasons like autumn and winter in Japan or for people who tend to have dry skin conditions. Our eCO2GEL .EX incorporates oil, which plays the function of retaining the excellent skin moisture and oil balance after CO2 packing. Furthermore, when skin is dry or skin metabolism is slowed, aging signs such as wrinkles, rough skin etc. appear. On top of our eCO2GEL technology, eCO2GEL .EX technology delivers and supplies essential oil to skin effectively, and helps retain the healthy conditions of skin after CO2 packing. Therefore, it prevents aging sign formation.

Face Slimming Effect
One of the main components of skin is phospholipid, which forms bi-layers. When skin is treated with CO2GEL .EX, polyalcohols in the gel base is expected to enter the phospholipid bi-layer by CO2 DDS, and the bi-layer structure may become more organized and compacted. Therefore a face slimming effect can be observed. In the case of CO2GEL .EX, both polyalcohols and oils in the gel base is expected to enter the phospholipid bi-layer, an even more organized and compacted structure is formed. Therefore, a stronger face slimming effect is expected. ( See figures below.) This is a true and fast slimming method without going through the painful process of weight loss.

Bohr Effect

Transdermally absorbed CO2 penetrates erythrocyte, and reacts with H2O with catalysis of carbonic anhydrase to generate HCO3- , which lowers the pH inside the erythrocyte.Inside the erythrocyte, the lower the pH is, the more oxygen is released from oxy-hemoglobin. This is called Bohr-effect.

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